Seeking Freelance Website Staff
(Must be currently residing in Penang to apply)

Company Information

We are a website construction company in our 17th year. We have a branch office in Taiwan, and are currently looking to recruit a website designer to coincide with the establishment of our Malaysia corporation.


It's possible to work at your own pace, and in your own environment with this work-from-home position.
(People working at website construction companies are also welcome to apply.)

We expect that the majority of websites produced will be in the Japanese language, however our Japanese staff in Malaysia will pursue the Japanese text,so please don't worry if you cannot speak Japanese. It is not a requirement at all.
(The only requirement is that the applicant must currently reside in Penang.)

We eagerly await your application via the contact form below.
Type of Employment: Subcontract
Necessary Languages: English

Our merit
Our merit
Our merit

Work with Us

Description of Work

* Website design, Coding
* Required: Wordpress, Responsive Design
*Must be in an environment with access the internet.
*Any nationality, age, sex, and educational background is welcome.

Type of Employment


Necessary Skills Required

Website Design, Coding Skills, Fast Worker

Application Process

The lucky candidate will be selected after a skype interview (in English).
Please endeavor to prepare 5-10 examples of production work for the interview.
Queries regarding salary can be asked via the 'Message' field below.

Application Form

Those interested to join us can apply through our enquiry/application form. All applications will be considered and only shortlisted company will be contacted.

All processing and production costs will be decided by both parties. We will officially become business alliance when both parties have reached their agreement.