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13 Mar 2020 | Get Visitors to Your Website From Google! How to Register and Get Started.

  Original article: ホームページがGoogleに登録されたか確認するには?登録方法・対処法も紹介!   Once you’re done with designing a web page, the next step is getting visitors.   Without proper registration, your website may not appear on Google –[...]
09 Mar 2020 | [Multilingual Inbound Marketing!] Introducing English language templates

  Original article: 【インバウンド効果絶大!多言語対応海外向けHP制作】 英語対応ホームページ制作事例のご紹介   As a Japanese company, attracting multinational audiences is becoming  more important as online traffic increases for your website(s) via[...]
06 Mar 2020 | Affordable advertisements with eye-catching potential – introducing a Hokkaido soba company’s homepage

Original article:【動画を利用して格安で宣伝しよう】 北海道そば農場ホームページ制作事例のご紹介   We’d like to show you our recent work involving a soba company based in Hokkaido   Click here to view the website. (Japanese)     Why should I [...]
02 Mar 2020 | Making websites tailored to the smartphone experience

Original article: 顧客体験を向上させるスマホファーストデザインを展開しています   At ChacoWeb, we continuously update and create new templates.   We are vigilant to maintain smartphone compatibility on multiple platforms.      Smartphone Compatibilit[...]
28 Feb 2020 | Reasons all websites should go “smartphone first”

  Original article: すべてのホームページがモバイルファーストにするべき理由 “Let’s make a mobile website for now”   “Since desktop websites have many pages, let’s use less pages for mobile”   If you made a website following the above thoughts, you[...]