Affordable advertisements with eye-catching potential – introducing a Hokkaido soba company’s homepage

2020年3月6日 | hoshino

Original article:【動画を利用して格安で宣伝しよう】 北海道そば農場ホームページ制作事例のご紹介


We’d like to show you our recent work involving a soba company based in Hokkaido


Click here to view the website. (Japanese)



Why should I use videos?


Fantastic shot featured in “Farm in Wakahara” – a Hokkaido soba company


According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, over 75% of current IP traffic is dominated by videos. The growth of traffic continues to favour video, where it is predicted that by 2022 that number will rise to 82%.


Using videos as a way to advertise your site and its contents is a much more effective way to convey information that is available on your site. Through video advertising, products and services have a greater impact to viewers – turning site visitors into potential clients. 


Including promotional videos also creates more opportunities for your information to be picked up through video search such as those in Google or Youtube.



Common issues utilizing videos


While it may increase traffic, videos must be able to maintain viewer retention in order to get crucial information across to visitors. As with any media, it’s important to be careful in selecting how information is conveyed to increase viewer retention.


Over-the-top animations, or audio that is too loud and distracting may decrease viewer retention. The best is to keep things simple and entertaining.





With the right video, site visitors are more likely to become potential clients. If a website is based on a company’s food products, it could increase product confidence of existing customers to show the process of packaging to grow their sense of security for that company. Some other functions you should include are:



  • Template use and design
  • Smartphone and tablet compatibility (Responsive design)
  • “EZ Update” button
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support
  • Owned media upload
  • E-commerce link


Likewise, a recruiting agency or even an education center could increase prospective outreach by showing on-site footage and short interviews of the principal staff members.


In short, the best content to include into videos are footages that increase security and trust amongst your visitors and existing clients.