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Easy Website Setup for Restaurants!

How much it will cost to create a website?

Only RM1980
This will give you a functional website with several functionalities!

Functionalities such as:

What you will get for RM1980?

For this basic package you will be given one landing page

Landing page, or home page, refers to the first page that users will see as soon as they enter a website

We provide a wide range of template to choose from. There are a lot of basic functionalities available for you to put inside your website. This includes banner, navigation menu, contact form, Google map, and many more!

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What if I want more than one page in my website?

Additional pages are important to provide more explanation about your products or services.

For example, for a restaurant website, it is very convenient to have a page specially for showing the food that they offer

Good news! Each additional page will only cost RM200!

That's right! With RM2180 you will get one main page + one additional page!
Creative Cyber Cats will make sure your dream website come true!

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

Functionalities Details

Customer Reviews

Show off the good things that your customer says about you!
We can display the good reviews by your customers about your business.
These reviews can also be fetched from your 3rd party websites such as Facebook and Google

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good way for you to expand your business. On of the popular email marketing platforms is Mailchimp. Let us help you to expand your email marketing audience by adding your customer into your audience list

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

Inquiry Chatbox

Let your customer sends inquiry to you easier! We can provide a chatbox that links directly to your business' social media page such as Facebook. It will be easier and quicker for them to reach you.

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

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