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Easy Website Setup for Properties!

How much it will cost to create a website?

Only RM1980
This will give you a functional website with several functionalities!

Functionalities such as:

What you will get for RM1980?

We provide a wide range of template to choose from. There are a lot of basic functionalities available for you to put inside your website. This includes banner, navigation menu, contact form, Google map, and many more!

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Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

Functionalities Details

Properties Filtering

Attract your customer by providing faster and easier way to find properties!
Customer can just search properties based on its area, building, location and property type
There's also easy-to-use input for specifying customer's preferred price and size range.

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

Easy Properties Management

Adding, removing, or editting properties information can never be easier!
We can provide interface where you can easily manage your properties information.
It is based on a reliable platform, which is Wordpress, that can be customized suitable to your need

Creative Cyber Cats Malaysia

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